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Many thanks to the teachers and parents who have contributed the classroom photos you see here.

We also want to thank Bob Creigh for his dedication to capturing all the wonderful moments that make our school special.  Many of the photos you see on this website are pieces of his work.  We want to recognize and thank him for all the trips he makes to our school and let him know how lucky we are that Robert Creigh Photography is our school's photographer.  To see more of his work visit


Mrs. E & Mrs. DeCarlo's Summer Camp

There was a lot of fun stuff happening at summer camp at SMS. There were activities inside & outside with the help of some 8th grade SMS students. [ more ]

Mother's Day Tea

Here are just a few photos from this year's Mother's Day Tea hosted by our 3rd Grade. [ more ]

8th Grade Graduation

What a night for our 8th graders! [ more ]

Class Night

A special night for our 8th graders and the class of 2014. [ more ]

Sprint & Grandparents Day 2014 (1)

What a great day!  Not a drop of rain and  lots of family and friends! Photos by Robert Creigh Photography. [ more ]

Sprint & Grandparents Day 2014 (2)

One of the most successful Sprints yet! Photos by John Coleman from thecolemanimage photography. [ more ]

Disection time in 7th grade!

Science lab dissecting worms! [ more ]

May Crowning 2014

On Thursday May 15th at 1:00pm in St. Mary Church, our entire school community came together as we do every year to celebrate May Crowning. This very special prayer service is hosted by our graduating eighth graders who lead us in "crowning" our Patroness in song, scripture, dance and pageantry.  It is a beautiful service and illustrates the faith which is at the foundation of all our students. [ more ]

First Holy Communion Luncheon

To celebrate making their first Eucharist, our 2nd graders and their 4th grade buddies gathered in Father Cronin Hall for a pasta luncheon prepared by our friends at Napoli Deli. A good time was had by all! [ more ]

The 4th grade!

Here are some photos from the 4th grade's year!  [ more ]

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