Chris and Sharon Wolfe
Frank and Claudia Matthews
In honor of our six grandchildren, the “Paine Family”



In memory of Sister Jane McGurkin
Gerard F. Brenner



Jeanette and Francis Bogdan
In memory of Joseph and Genevieve Bogdan
F. Mitchell Dana
In memory of Wendy Dana



In memory Rev. J.J. Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Cody
In honor of Patrick and Maggie Cody
Carl and Julie DeProfio
In honor of Cate and Christopher
The Reverend Aidan N. Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Downey
Thomas and Michele Higgins
In honor of Grace Higgins
A. Konrad and Jeannette Lagarde



Baranowsky Family
Bartolome Family
Anthony and Michele Benedosso
Marilyn and Bob Blake
In memory of the Blake Family
Mr. and Mrs. William Bolduc
In memory of Barbara Bolduc Larson
Rick and April Bryant
In honor of Grandma and Papa Bryant
Joseph S. Campagna, Jr.
In memory of Mary Mahese and Joe S. Campagna, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colucci
In honor of Jessica and Abbigail
Deborah A. Delaney
In honor of my nephew, Christopher Melillo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Delaney
In honor of Christopher Melillo
Mary DiBattista
Dominic and Lucy DiDominic
In memory of James DiDominic
Meg Edwards
Miss Janice Frank
In memory of Deacon George Puskas
R. Fortin
Paula Gaudet
In honor of the Class of 1968
Lisa Stirling Haley
In memory of Laura Laflamme
Dana and Anne Hendershott
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Homa
Robert Kapusta
Frank and Arlene Lacerenza
David and Anne Lambiase
In honor of Serena and Gia Lambiase
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Lupoli
In honor of Thomas Griffin
Vincent Luzietti
Michael Mahar
Craig and Camille Markleski
Barbara Mazzonna
In memory of Anthony and Nancy Mazzonna
Pat McAllen
Carol McInnis
In memory of Robert G. McInnis
Charles E. McShane, Jr.
In memory of Charles E. McShane 1924-2014
Joe and Tatiana Monteleone
J.F. Murphy
Richard and Rose M. Nemel
In memory of Dorothy Bridy
Mary O’Connor
In memory of Helen and Marin O’Connor
Mari L. Paquette
In memory of Olga Paquette (Mother)
Mr. and Mrs. George Paulis
In memory of Sister Janice May
John and Veronica Pendleton
Carlo and Alicia Piselli
Carolyn Pisko
In honor Madelyn Wolfe
Peter and Janice Purcell
Alice L. and Joseph H. Romick
Margaret and James Riordan
In honor of Ryan (’15) and Tyler (’13)
John and Arlene Ronan
In honor of Sister Janice May, Sister of Mercy
Mr. and Mrs. Sansouci
In memory of David Hoppes
Deacon and Mrs. Richard M. Sennett
In memory of Sr. M. Alexine RSM and Sr. M. Austin RSM
Mr. Richard Scinto
Shop Rite of Milford-The Garafalo Family
Barbara and Charles Sommers
In memory of Darrick Damian Sommers ’91
Ellen Tracy
Connie and Peter Trapani
In memory of Anastasia Trapani
Carl and Donna Unger
In honor of Ava Unger
Kurt, Heather and Ava Unger
Carl Villani
In memory of Harry and Louise Villani
Claudette and Kenneth Wilson


$99 & UNDER

Dennis and Anne Anderson
Jim and MaryEllen Bagley
Leroy and Christine Barbin
In memory of John Weir
Betty Bergstrom
Jean Breiner
Bugaj Family
John P. Cahillane
In memory of Maurice and Nora Cahillane
Mr. and Mrs. P. Cavallaro
Joseph and Maureen Costanzo
Joseph M. Costanzo
Linda and George Dauphinee
George Derbabian
Scott M. Digris
In memory of Bernard and Harritte Digris
Mrs. Carmel Di Leone
William and Susanne Doyle
In honor of loving grandchildren Faith and Jackson Doyle
Patrice Dunn
Priscilla Pearl Farley
James Farrell Sr.
In memory of James Farrell Jr.
Ann M. Feeley
In memory of Harold Feeley
Joseph and Sandra Felix
In memory of Patsy Felix
Edward C. Fitzgerald
In memory of Gloria B. Fitzgerald and Gregory M. Fitzgerald
Edith C. Fortuna
In honor of Barbara and Robert Brown
Richard Garvey
Delores Reis George
In memory of Manuel George
Paul Girdzis
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry
In honor of Christopher and Addison Harry
John Henchor
Roseanne Hoagland
Lucille Jaglal
Karen Jazwinski
Lawrence and Gloria Lanna
Franklin and Elizabeth Lloyd
Chito and Lydia Lucas
In honor of Justin Lucas ’02
Justin Lucas ’02
Nicholas and Dorothy Lucente
In memory of The Lucente and Dessano Families
Robert F. Maloy
Tom McConnell
John and Helen McKiernan
Mr. amd Mrs. John F. Meuser
Clifton and Ann Moore
In honor of Ava Bottino
Eleanor Mullaney
Kimberly Myers
Perry Opin
In memory of Dr. Robert Rauch
Jim and Dori Reidy
LTC Peter M. Rembetsy
In honor of Margaret A. Rembetsy
Debbie Ricard
Theresa Ruffo
Michael J. Savo
In memory of Richard Savo
The Schmelzer Family: Carolyn, Gary and Bob
In memory of Helen
Robert Serena
Allison Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Solomon
In memory of Raymond Edwards
Richard and Frances Sudusky
Barb and Dennis Troy
In memory of Joseph Kasuba
Michael Turiano
Bridget and Lawrence Warner
The Wetmore Family
Edward Wise
In honor of Gia Lambiase
Bradley Zsampar