Barbieri: William L. ’85, Elizabeth A. ’89 and Margaret J. Bagga ‘91
Grandparents of the Paine Children: In honor of Abby, Maddy, Michael and Caroline Paine



Anonymous: In memory of Joseph and Genevieve Bogdan
Tim and Carolyn Kron: In honor of Daniel and Elizabeth
Laura Martinez



Paul Beauvais: In memory of Paul and Barbara Beauvais
Robert and Barbara Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Cody: In honor of Maggie Cody and Patrick Cody, Class of 2015
Brian Coyle and Mackenzie Smith
Mitchell Dana: In memory of Wendy Dana
Mary C. Dibattista
Reverend Aidan N. Donahue
Steven and Laraine Fenton: In honor of Ryan ’97, Sean ’02, Mary ‘05
Thomas and Michelle Higgins: In honor of Grace Higgins, 2nd grade
Frank and Arlene Lacerenza: In honor of the Parents of the School
Carol McInnis: In memory of Robert McInnis
Mary T. O’Connor: In memory of Helen and Martin O’Connor




Baranowsky Family
Bartolome Family: In honor of Angie
Tony and Michele Benedosso
Timothy D. Bergstrom ‘82: In memory of George T. Bergstrom
Marilyn and Bob Blake: In memory of the Blake Family
April and Rick Bryant: In honor of Julia ’14, Lily ’18, and Chase ‘20
Bugaj Family
Terry Bumbolow: In memory of Henry and Ann Bumbolow
Chris Burns: In memory of Joe Burns ‘67
Mr. and Mrs. William Cagginello
Robert and Nancy Carroll: In memory of Julie Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colucci
Mary T. O’Connor
The Gregory F. Doyle Funeral Home: In memory of Colleen Doyle Britt
Edward C. Fitzgerald: In memory of my wife Gloria B. Fitzgerald and my son Gregory M. Fitzgerald
Rebina A. Fortin: In memory of Robert J. Fortin
Miss Janice Frank
Michael and Lynn Gabriel
Paula Gaudet DHM: In honor of the Graduating Class of 1968
Irma Heiter: In memory of Sister Alexine
Virginia and Bill Hoagland
Mr. and Mr. Albert J. Homa
John and Luz Huggard: In honor of Tiffany Tsionis
Robert R. Hyzynski
The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 14-14B: In memory of our member Robert W. Daly, Sr.
Robert and Darlene Lessard
Don and Sandra Marren Sr.
Cathy and Larry Mazzola: In memory of Raymond and Monica Edwards
Barbara Mazzonna: In memory of Anthony and Nancy Mazzonni
The McAllen Family
McInnis Family: In honor of Jack and Blake McInnis. In memory of David Kelly and Robert McInnis
Charles McShane ‘67: In honor of The Class of 1967
Joe and Diana Monteleone
Denise and Curt Moore
Eleanor Mullaney
The Musacchio Family
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Napoli: In memory of Declan Donoghue
Opin Orthodontics: In memory of Dr. Robert Rauch
Mr. and Mrs. George Paulis
The Petrillo Family ‘80: In memory Rita and Joseph Walukiewicz
Fran and Chris Pfeiffer: In honor of Griffin Fisher ‘20
Peter and Janice Purcell
Nick and Carina Rini: In memory of Joseph Rini
Mary Jane Robbins: In honor of Greg, Allison, Betsy
Joesph H. Romick: In memory of Alice L. Romick
Patricia and Manuel Ruggiero: In memory of Carol Raffone
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sansouci: In memory of David Hoppes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Barbara Sommers: In memory of Darrick Sommers, Class of 1991
Chick Tamilio: In memory of Adelaide Tamilio
Ellen Tracy ‘67
Connie and Pete Trapani: In memory of Anastasia Trapani
Paul and Jean Tupper
Carl Villani: In memory of Harry and Louise Villani
Angelo and Anita Vitti: In honor of our grandchildren “The Vitti Family”
Patricia Warren: In honor of Evan, Luke, and Ryan
Elizabeth and Charles Wetmore
Claudette Wilson
Sharon and Chris Wolfe: In memory of Carolyn Pisko
Paul and Karen Wypychoski
The Zabski Family


$99 & UNDER

The Girdzis Family ‘71
Christina George: In memory of William George
Don and Paula Finch
Ann M. Feeley: In memory of Harold N. Feely
Jim Farrell Sr.: In memory of Jim Farrell Jr.
Patrice Dunn
Grandpa and Grandma Dolye: In honor of the Fabulous Twins
Camel Montano DiLeone
Scott M. Digris: In memory of Bernard and Harriette Digris
Lisa and George Dauphinee
Mary Daley: In memory of my son G.J. Daley
Patricia and Joseph Connolly: In honor of Brian, 5th grade
Joseph M. Costanzo
Pete and Claire Cavallaro
John P. Cahillane: In memory of Maurice and Nora Cahillane
Brian and Linda Burgh
Susan T. Boynton: In memory of John A. Sullivan
Boughton: In honor of Virginia Boughton
Kathryn J. Bonyai
Mr. and Mrs. William Bolduc: In memory of Barbara Bolduc
Betty Bergstrom
Jan, Betty Jonathan and Julie Baumgart: In memory of Julia Gasper
Nancy Bates
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Anderson
Girdzis Family
Jack and Kathi Harry: In honor of Christopher and Addison Harry
Rosanne Hoagland: In memory of Jennie and Joseph DiBiase
Lucille C. Jaglal
John Jaworski
Karen Jazwinski
Craig and Beth Jennings: In memory of Joan Sylvester
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kosiewicz
Mary Beth Kriksciun and Michael Kember
Kowalski Family
Larry and Gloria Lanna
Grammy Carol
Nicholas E. Lucente Sr.: In memory of Dorothy R. Lucente
Hank and Claire Luzzi
Markleski Family
John and Sandra McManus
Mr. John F. Meuser: In memory of my wife, Barbara J. Meuser
Thomas H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Moffett: In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Luoquist.  In memory of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Moffet
Patti and Jay Mraz
Mary Murphy, Ryan and Megan Kacenski
Paula Musacchio: In honor of St. Anthony-for prayers answered
Kimberly Myers (Sugrue) ‘94
Trac Kim Nguyen
Thomas and Carol Nichol
Jack and Loretta Palumbo: In memory of members of our family
Peter L. Parks: In memory of Dalton Young
Peter and Amanda Parks: Thank you Mrs. Dente and Mrs. Legarde
Gerry and Janet Phillips
Patricia E. Piroh: In honor of SS.C.M. Teachers
Carolyn A. Pisko
James and Dorleen Reidy
Peter Rembetsy: In honor of Margaret Rembetsy
John and Ethel Ann Reynolds
Debbie Ricard
Maureen Richetelli: In memory of Rev. Edwin J. Coyne
Ross A. Riskin ‘05
Jamie Rude
Theresa Ruffo
Jean-Paul and Keona L. Savoie
Judy Serowik: In memory of Alfred Pinto
Allison Shea ‘05
Barbara Skopp: In honor of Charlie and Jackson
Ellen Edwards Solomon: In memory of Monica Edwards
Ann Sorbo: In honor of Jack and Blake McInnis
Charles Sutton: In memory of Sacred Heart School
Bridget and Lawrence Warner
Joseph and Joan Wolf