Barbieri: William L. ’85, Elizabeth A. ’89 and Margaret J. Bagga ‘91



Anonymous: In memory of Joseph and Genevieve Bogdan
Tim and Carolyn Kron: In honor of Daniel and Elizabeth
Charlie McShane ’67 and Sherry McShane: Honoring the first graduating class of St. Mary School in June 1967 with prayers and thoughts for our deceased classmates and fond memories of our many fine teachers and the Religious Sisters of Mercy. All the best to the class of 2017.
Jean and Paul Tupper



Janet and John Barney
Paul Beauvais
Brian and Mackenzie Coyle
F. Dana Mitchell: In memory of Wendy Dana
The Gregory F. Doyle Funeral Home: In memory of Colleen Doyle Britt
Thomas and Michele Higgins: In honor of Grace Higgins
Albert and Sophie Homa
Mark J. Krom
Frank and Arlene Lacerenza: In honor of the dedicated parents of St. Mary School
Frank and Claudia Matthews : In honor of the Paine Children
Mary T. O’Connor: In memory of Helen and Martin O’Connor
Wendy Petrillo
Thomas Prezioso: In honor of Christopher Melillo and in memory of my sister Marjorie “Midge” Delaney



Shashwath Aravindan
Baranowsky Family
Joan Basque: In memory of Richard Basque
Rick and April Bryant
Timothy D. Bergstrom ‘82
In memory of Bumbolow Family
Chris Burns: In memory of Kathryn E. Burns
Joan and Bill Cagginello
Dr. Karen Christensen: In honor of Declan, Finnegan, Caenan and Nola Macauley
Kevin and Chrystine Cody
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Collis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colucci
Joseph M. Costanzo
Tim Cronin
Kevin Curseaden
Dusty and Frank Downey: In honor of Amanda, Michael and Matt Piechota
Meg Edwards
Edward C. Fitzgerald: In memory of my Wife Gloria B. Fitzgerald and my son Gregory M. Fitzgerald Rebina A. Fortin
Rebina A. Fortin
Miss Janice R. Frank: In memory of Sr. Paula Marie Koplar, RSM
Michael and Lynn Gabriel
Sr. Paula Gaudet DHM ‘68
Christina George: In memory of William “Poppie” George
Holly and Jeffrey Grande
Mr. and Mrs. John Harry: In honor of Christopher and Addison Harry
The Hayes Family
William and Virginia Hoagland
Bob and Darlene Lessard
Craig and Camille Markleski
Donald F. Marren Sr.
Pat McAllen
Carol McInnis: In memory of Robert McInnis
Joe and Tatiana Monteleone
Eleanor Mullaney
Anthony and Debbie Musacchio
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Napoli: In memory of Declan Donoghue
Perry and Susan Opin
John Pendleton
George and Marolyn Paulis: In honor of Jack Phelan
Fran and Chris Pfeiffer: In honor of Griffin Fisher ‘20
Peter and Janice Purcell: In memory of Maryanne and Frank Purcell
Putnam Family: In memory of Maria Alexander
James and Dorleen Reidy
Don and Leigh Riker: In honor of Jack and Lily Riker
Mary Jane Robbins: In honor of Greg, Allison and Betsy
Joseph Romick: In memory of Alice L. Romick
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Ruggiero: In memoery of Carol P. Raffone
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sansouci: In honor of David Hoppes
Deacon Richard and Mrs. Nancy Sennett: In memory of Sr. M Alexine RSM and Sr. Jane McGurkin RSM
Charles and Barbara Sommers: In memory of Darrick Sommers Class of ‘91
Brian and Gaye Stuart: In honor of our granddaughter Layla Leone
Valadore Tamilio: In honor of Adelaide Tamilio and Father Francis Seggel
Claudette Wilson
Karen and Paul Wypychoski
Mr. and Mrs. Vitti


$99 & UNDER

Betty Bergstrom
Marilyn and Bob Blake: In memory of the Blake Family
Jean Breiner
Bugaj Family
Brian and Linda Burgh: In memory of deceased members of both the Burgh and Pazik families
John P. Cahillane: In memory of Maurice and Nora Cahillane
Carelli Family
Peter and Claire Cavallaro
Donald and Maxine Chadwick
Joseph and Patricia Connolly: In honor of our grandson Brian Connolly
Ann Coyle
Mr. and Mrs. Louis D’Amato
Scott M. Digris: In memory of Harriette and Bernie Digris, In memory of Stanley F. Covaleski, Jr.
Brian Dobkowski
William and Susanne Doyle: In honor of Jackson and Faith
Barbara D’Addario Dubin: In honor of Grace Dubin
Jerrilyn Duhamel
James B. Farrell Sr.: In memory of James Farrell Jr.
Mrs. Ann Feeley: In memory of Catherine R. Phelan
Miss Dylan T. Gaglione: In memory of George J. Wagner Jr., my grandfather
Girdzis Family
Grammy Carol
Irma Heiter
John Henchar
Roseanne Hoagland
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Holly
The Jaser Family: In honor of the late Joseph Jaser and In memory of Joseph S. Jaser
John A. Jaworski
Craig and Beth Jennings: In memory of Joan Sylvester
Jimmy Johansmeyer
Mary Kriksciun
Lawrence and Gloria Lanna
Chito and Lydia Lucas: In honor of Justin Lucas’02
Maria Macci: In honor of Teresa Petrazzuoli DeLucia
Mazzola Family: In memory of Ray and Monica Edwards
John F. Meuser: In memory of my wife, Barbara Meuser
Rich and Rose Nemec
Thomas and Carol Nichol
Paul and Minda Nicholas
Peter and Amanda Parks: In memory of William Stango Sr.
Joan A. Pyne
Lorraine Reilly
Theresa Ruffo  
Salonia Family: In honor of my grandchildren Nicholas, Lauren and Bridget Vitti
Michael Savo
Jean-Paul and Keona Savoie
Judy Serowik: In memory of Angela Pinto Ainsworth
Allison Shea ‘05
Kathleen Shea: In celebration of Larry Meehan’s 95th birthday (Maureen Birge’s dad)
Daniel and Barbara Skopp: In honor of Charlie and Jackson LaVecchia
Barbara Stanley: In memory of Paul J. Stanley
Charles Sutton: In memory of Sacred Heart School
Dorothy Aiksnoras Vallee: In honor of Coral Vallee
Verizon Foundation matching John Pendleton’s gift
The Web Studio
Elizabeth and Charles Wetmore
Joseph and Joan Wolf
John and Stephanie Zullo