Barbieri: William L. ’85, Elizabeth A. ’89 and Margaret J. Bagga ‘91



Jackie Allen

Gerard F. Brenner ‘72

Thomas and Michele Higgins - In honor of Grace Higgins 4th grade

Jimmy’s Apizza (Jimmy and Sue Ormrod and Hogan Family)

Tim and Carolyn Kron - In honor of Daniel and Elizabeth

Mackenzie and Brian Coyle



Anonymous Alumni

Anthony and Michele Benedosso

Mitch Dana - In memory of Wendy Dana

Dusty and Frank Downey - In honor of Amanda, Michael and Matthew Piechota

Frank and Arlene Lacerenza

Nick and Carina Rini



Baranowsky Family

Suzanne Beliveau - In memory of J. Paul and Dorothy Beliveau

Timothy D. Bergstrom - In memory of George T. Bergstrom

Krishna Bhatt

Bob and Marilyn Blake - In honor of the Blake Family

Christopher Burns - In memory of Kathryn Burns

Jeff Burns - In memory of Barney and Kay Burns

Joan and Bill Cagginello

John Cahillane - In memory of Maurice and Nora Cahillane

Peter and Claire Cavallaro

Kevin and Chrystine Cody

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colucci

Ann Coyle

Timothy Cronin - In memory of Rev. Cronin

Theresa D’Amato - In memory of Nancy Moody

Meg Edwards

Susan Forrest - In honor of Wyatt Maude

R. Fortin

Miss Janice Frank - In memory of Robert and Gertrude Frank

Michael and Lynn Gabriel

Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Gaglione - In honor of Dylan Gaglione

The Ganim Family - In Honor of Mrs. Calendrillo

Paula Gaudet - In memory of my parents, Theresa and John Gaudet

Jeffrey Grande

Mr. and Mrs. John Harry - In honor of Christopher and Addison Harry

Thomas J. and Mary Jean Higgins - In memory of Raymond and Mary Higgins

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Homa

Luz Marina Huggard - In honor of Tiffany Tsionis

Mary Ann and Bob Hyzynski

Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. Kang - In honor of Kathleen Gerrity

Elizabeth Keane - In honor of SMS faculty and administration for 9 wonderful years of education, guidance and love!

Mr. and Mrs. Konrad Lagarde - In memory of our beloved grandparents

Kim L. Lasko - In honor of the Class of 1967

Bob and Darlene Lessard

Craig Markleski - In memory of Camille Markleski

Donald F. Marren, Sr.

Zachary and Laura Martinez

Claudia F. Matthews

Barbara Mazzonna - In memory of Anthony and Nancy Mazzonna

Pat McAllen

Jay Mraz - In memory of Patti Mraz

The Musacchio Family

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Napoli

Mary O’Connor - In memory of Helen and Martin O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiffer -In honor of Griffin Fisher ‘20

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Purcell

James and Dorleen Reidy

James Reidy

Maureen Richetelli - In memory of Rev. Edwin Coyne

Mary Jane Robbins -In honor of Greg, Allison and Betsy

Joseph H. Romick - In memory of Alice L. Romick

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Ruggiero Jr. - In memory of Carol Raffone

The Sansouci’s - In memory of David Hoppes

Deacon Richard M. and Mrs. Nancy Sennett -In memory of Sr. M. Alexine RSM and Sr. Jane McGurken RSM

Charles and Barbara Sommers -In memory of Darrick Damian Sommers

The Stuart Family

Ellen Tracy

Barbara Troy -In memory of Denis Troy

Sharon Wolfe - In memory of Carolyn Pisko

Karen and Paul Wypychoski


$99 & UNDER

Dennis P. Anderson - In memory of Anne M. Anderson

Betty A. Bergstrom

Bob and Marilyn Blake -In memory of Blake family

Dan and Donna Breen - In honor of Max and Mallory Yeater

Jean Breiner

April Bryant - In honor of Mrs. Calendrillo

Andrew and Cheryl Bugaj

Brian and Linda Burgh -In honor of our children

Grammy Carol

Steven Csejka and Caron Beyer

Joseph M. Costanzo

Mary C. Dibattista

Scott M. Digris - In memory of Bernard and Harriette Digris / Stanley F. Covaleski, Jr.

The Doyle Twins

Mary Dunn - In honor of Mrs. Calendrillo

Patrice Dunn

James Farrell Sr. - In memory of James Farrell Jr.

Ann M. Feeley

The Gerwien Family - In honor of Mrs. Calendrillo

The Girdzis Family

Mrs. Carol Holly

Iovine Family

Lucille C. Jaglal

Timothy Jaglal ‘17

Jaser Family

John Jaworski

Craig and Beth Jennings - In memory of Joan Sylvester

Kevin and Marie Kozek

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kosiewicz

Gloria and Larry Lanna

Melanie Lopez

Lydia Lucas - In honor of Justin Lucas

John Meuser

John and Sandra McManus - In honor of Murphy and Michael

Kimberly Myers (Sugrue) ‘94

Scott Neeley - In honor of Amelia Neeley

Thomas Nichol

Sarah Frazier Nielsen

Mrs. Joan A. Pyne

Lt. Col. Peter M. Rembetsy - In memory of Margaret Rembetsy

Ross Riskin

Laura Rodrigues

Joyce Schwartz

The Siano Family

The Santiago Family

The Solomon Family - In memory of Monica Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. John Sugrue

Charlie and Liz Wetmore

Joseph and Joan Wolf