Great things are happening here at St. Mary School in Milford. We say this often, because it’s true! We are blessed to be starting this school year with a student body the largest in close to 15 years.

Pope Francis asks “What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up?” At St. Mary School we reinforce what our families are teaching at home – to love God, to love one’s self, and to love each other. We help instill the moral compass that seems to be seen less and less in today’s world. We pray, we express gratitude, we serve others, we work hard and are very successful in our academics.

We are preparing minds, hearts, bodies and souls to live Christian lives and become adults who make a difference and become leaders in our local and global communities.

We can’t do this work alone, and we count on gifts from friends like you to help us continue offering this premier, faith based education. We humbly ask you to consider making a gift to this year’s Annual Appeal.

Thank you for your commitment to our school’s mission to LIVE THE MESSAGE OF JESUS!