Bianca Robertson

Class of 2009


What is your name and where do you currently live?
My name is Bianca Robertson and I currently live in Milford, CT. I graduated from SMS in 2009.

What is your current job/profession/year in school?
I just graduated from Providence College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology & will attend nursing school this fall at Quinnipiac University.

What was your educational path after graduating from St. Mary School?
After graduating from SMS, I went to Lauralton Hall, Providence College, and now I will be attending Quinnipiac University for their accelerated nursing program.

What volunteer or charity efforts are you currently involved with?
During the school year at Providence, I volunteered at a local daycare once a week. During the summer, I volunteer at Yale New Haven Hospital in the Pediatric Unit.

Can you tell me about any clubs or sports you are involved with at college?
I was the president and captain of the Providence College Women's Club Basketball team. When I started at PC, there was not a Women’s Club Basketball team. By my sophomore year, myself and one other student were able to make the first ever Women’s Club Basketball team official at PC. We had weekly practices and tournaments on the weekends. I was also involved with a club called Children's Outreach. Once or twice a week, me and a few fellow students traveled to a nearby daycare to volunteer our time by playing with the kids and doing various things such as reading books and coloring with the kids. I was the site leader for my group. I was also involved with Circle K International which is a service club. I attended weekly meetings and participated in various activities such as making lunch bags for a nearby homeless shelter and making cards for our troops.

How do you feel SMS prepared you academically?
I would say that SMS prepared me well for high school. I felt more prepared than other students in my classes who had come from the public schools in Milford. I also felt that SMS prepared me with good organizational and time management skills.

Do you feel SMS provided you with a foundation for your future?
Yes, I would say that SMS provided me with a foundation for my future in that it was the place where I first realized my love for science. Ever since taking the science classes at SMS, I have always aspired to pursue a future in the medical field.

What are some of your favorite memories of SMS?
Some of my favorite memories at SMS would have to be at the Annual Basketball Tournaments. Every year I would look forward to the tournament. Everything about the tournament brought me joy – the decorations in the gym, the people, and most importantly, getting to play a sport I love at a place I still consider to this day, a second home. The tournament always took place around my birthday and honestly, I cannot remember a birthday that wasn’t spent at the SMS Basketball Tournament, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Other things which I enjoyed at SMS were all the holiday parties, class masses, and the various fundraisers, such as the carnival.

What are your plans for the future?
I attending nursing school at QU, I hope to get my masters in nursing and be a Nurse Practitioner in Pediatrics.

What advice can you give to our students?
I would say to current students to enjoy every moment you have a SMS. It is a very special place and one’s time there should not be taken for granted. Never wish away your time at SMS because once its gone, you will want to go back to the days you were there. Cherish the friends you make because they just might be the ones you will be friends with for life. Even though I have been graduated for about 8 years now, I still consider SMS, to this very day, a second home, and I know that is something that will never change. So, take pride in your school, take pride in wearing an SMS uniform, and take pride in having the privilege to attend such a special school because there are truly not many places like SMS.