Laura A. Almeida
In memory of Stephen Almeida Sr.

Larry and Dee Aquilino
Ike Weymer
Love Baba & Dough 2017

Rick and April Bryant
We love you Lily Riley Bryant
SMS ‘18

Peter Cavallaro
Cavallaro Fam
Pete Paula
Michael Brian

Brian and Mackenzie Coyle
The Coyle Family 2017

Carol Fox
In memory
Ed Fabian

Brad Gaglione
Dylan Gaglione

Chris George
Nana Loves U Lily Bryant
Class of 2018

Jennifer Gerwien
Walter and Kathleen Gerwien

Florence Gordon
In Memory of Deb Fleischer
Gordon Family

Heather Gorman
In Memory of Jim Stewart
Class of 99

Jeff Grande
The Grande Family

Ann Losh
From Ann Losh

John Major
Evan Major
In Loving Memory Of Aunt Lucky

Carlo and Alicia Piselli
Nolan Piselli
Class of 2018

Siobhan Ryan
Aidan R. Quirk
Class of 2019

SMS Class of 2023 Moms
Kelly Stevenson
Always in our Hearts




Mrs. Jackie Allen
Brandon Allen
Class of 2015

Jack Allen
Class of 2016

Thomas Allen
Class of 2019

Mr. Michael Boynton
Katherine D. Boynton
Class of 2009

Sarah G. Boynton
Class of 2011

Mr. James Broatch

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bryant
Lily Bryant 2018
Gramma & Grampa Bryant
Class of 2015

Mr. Drew Cucuzza
Drew Cucuzza
Class Of 1980

Mrs. Susan Forrest
In Honor of Wyatt Maude
Papa and Nana

Mr. Gonzalez
Eli Gonzalez
Class of 2017
SMS # 21

Mr. Grande
Gabriella & Liana Grande

Mrs. Danielle Hogan
Devyn G. Hogan
Class of 2023

Mr. Michael McCarthy
Laura McCarthy
Beloved Wife Mom & Daughter

Mrs. Kristie McInnis
Mark Brown
Forever In Our Hearts

Mrs. Rebecca Piorek
In Memory of Gordon Gall

Jenifer Salamino
In Memory of Grandpa Angelo
Salamino Family

In Memory of Uncle Jesse
Kornish Family

Staff of St. Mary School
Adrian Dunne
God Bless You In Retirement

J. Calendrillo
God Bless You In Retirement

Mrs. Dorothy Vallee
Girls Are Pilots
Always Pray 1st
‘Carat’ Vallee

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Welch
Catherine G. Welch
Class of 2018

Mr. Robert Wolfe
Julie Wolfe