Charlie McShane

Class of 1967


What is your name, where do you live, and what year did you graduate St. Mary School?
Charlie McShane, I recently moved to Southeastern NC earlier this year to a community called Rivers Edge in the town of Shallotte. We built a home last year on property we have owned for many years. I am a proud member of St. Mary School class of 1967 the 1st class to graduate from St. Mary. I had about 70 great classmates.

What is your current job/profession?
My entire career, over 40 years has been in the property and casualty insurance industry starting with Aetna in 1975. I have had many roles at several companies in a number of states including; MA, NY, NJ, OH, MD and IA. I now work from my home in NC and travel frequently. My company, Resource Pro is based in NYC. I do travel to China for my job and extensively throughout the US.

What was your educational path after graduating from St. Mary School?
In 1967 several of the boys in the class attended Kolbe HS in Bridgeport. I spent a year at Kolbe until my family moved to Beverly, MA for my Dad’s job in Boston. I graduated from St. John’s Prep School in Danvers, MA. in 1971. I attended Florida Tech in Melbourne, FL with an athletic scholarship to play basketball. I was part of St. Mary’s first school basketball team in 1965. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science in 1975.

What, if any, volunteer or charity efforts are you currently involved with?
I have served on the Boards of Homeport in Columbus, OH working for affordable housing and in Baltimore, MD I was on the board of Baltimore Ballet. I have been active in my church as a Lector and Eucharistic Minister.

How do you feel SMS prepared you academically?
It was a well-rounded education with great grounding in Catholicism. Many of us were Altar Servers at an early age right into high school (imagine in 1962, we had the Mass in Latin and the priest had his back to the congregation!). There were a lot of very strong students with wonderful teachers in my time at St. Mary. My class started in 3rd grade in 1961 since the school began with grades 1 through 3. Other than 4th grade all of my teachers were Religious Sisters of Mercy, wonderful dedicated teachers.

Do you feel SMS provided you with a foundation for your future?
My foundation allowed me to be successful in the class room at a fine high school and college while playing basketball at a competitive level. The focus on values carried into my family life, community involvement and professional career. My wife Sherry and I have been married for 38 years with three children, Meaghan our oldest and John our youngest in Roanoke, VA. Matt our middle son is a Doctor in Chicago. The boys are both Korean, we adopted them as infants. I guess we took the Holy Childhood collections to heart!

What are some of your favorite memories of SMS?
Being the oldest in the school for the entire time. Having a handful of friends I have reconnected with through Facebook. Not realizing how special the school was and how we were able to begin some traditions still going strong like a basketball team. I will never forget in 7th grade when we performed Hansel and Gretel and had our first class trip.

What advice can you give to our students?
Find a subject and cause you are passionate about and pursue your dreams with focus on the importance of family and love for those less fortunate then yourself. Make a difference in someone’s life that needs your help.