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First Game
May 20, 2018

Last Game
July 1, 2018

Grade 2 - 4

St. Mary's School Gym
72 Gulf St, Milford, CT 06460

Coach Shawn
(203) 828-7750

This instructional and fun program is comprised of 4 teams made up of St. Mary School students. Helping coach the Sunday and Friday night games are a few of our own SMS alumni. Only a few spots left!


May 20 5pm Jazz vs Heat
May 20 6pm Knicks vs Bulls
May 25 5pm Knicks vs Heat
May 25 6pm Jazz vs Bulls
June 10 5pm Jazz vs Knicks
June 10 6pm Bulls vs Heats
June 17 5pm Jazz vs Heat
June 17 6pm Knicks vs Bulls
June 24 5pm Jazz vs Bulls
June 24 6pm Knicks vs Heats
July 1 5pm Jazz vs Knicks
July 1 6pm Bulls vs Heat

4:30 - 5pm - Drills with teams

No playoffs standings will be sent at the end of the 6 weeks.