Family Assessment Obligations


As we approach the end of 2017, the HSA Board is happy to report that we are on track to have another great fundraising year!  The HSA Board would like to thank all of our volunteers and contributors for their continued support.  We would also like to thank all of the parents that give their time to SMS and help provide critical support to the many programs that help make SMS such a special place.  

Our major fundraisers so far this year have all had incredible results:  Carnival ($20,000), Car Raffle ($15,000), Pie Sales ($6,000), Breakfast with Santa ($4,000), Elf Store ($1,500), and Tree Sales ($14,000).  In addition, we continue to raise funds throughout the year through Grocery Card sales and variety of events and fundraisers.  

If you would like to get involved with an event next year or have fundraising ideas to share, please reach out to a Board member!  

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to a successful 2018!


The Home and School Association (HSA) of St. Mary School of Milford, a ministry of Precious Blood Parish of Milford, CT, is a group of parent volunteers working in conjunction with the school principal and Pastor of Precious Blood Parish in order to:

  • Provide opportunities for parents to be involved in school activities.
  • Create fun and memorable activities for our students.
  • Raise money for the school to offset some of the tuition costs and to provide enhancements such as capital and technology enhancements and enrichment programs.
  • Provide a means for people outside the school (family members, grandparents, friends, parishioners) to help support the school.


The Home and School Association Executive Board (HSA) is comprised of its (5) Executive Officers and Principal Lacerenza:

Chair of the HSA Executive Board - Kellianne Baranowsky

Kelli is responsible for supporting and managing the HSA Executive Officers, running school-wide parent meetings, overseeing volunteer-driven programs and acting as a liaison between the HSA and SMS School Board, SMS Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management and St. Mary Church.

Coordinator of Fundraising - Carolyn Kron

Carolyn is responsible for supporting and managing the chairs for each of the HSA fundraisers, assisting individual fundraiser chairs with obtaining volunteer and school support for fundraisers, recruiting event chairs and communicating with parents regarding upcoming events.

Coordinator of Assessments - Christopher Harry

Chris is responsible for tracking and monitoring family assessment obligations through their fundraising and volunteer activities.

Treasurer - Sharon Swanson

Sharon is responsible for managing the HSA budget, assisting individual chairs with deposits and expense reimbursement and tracking year-to-year fundraising performance of the HSA.

Secretary - Laura Bottino

Laura is responsible for HSA Board meeting agendas and minutes, HSA calendar of events and managing school-wide HSA communications.

SMS Principal - Frank Lacerenza

Mr. Lacerenza advises the HSA Board on the school’s involvement in fundraisers and volunteer supported programs as well as the needs of the school. 


The HSA Executive Board generally meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the SMS Office.  ALL PARENTS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND THESE MEETINGS.

 In addition to the HSA Executive Board monthly meetings, there are additional meetings specifically for our parents in September and May.  These meetings provide current updates as to our financial progress and present parents with current information as to events and fundraisers that we are working towards.  The final meeting will include; a recap of the year, election of Officers (when applicable), and presenting our goals for the upcoming year.

If you have any questions, need information about events, fundraising and volunteering obligations or have an idea to share, please contact the HSA Executive Board.