Summer News from School

Dear Parents of Kindergarten through Grade 8,

To keep you informed on various things going on and to help you prepare for the start of School year 2017-18, we decided to send several email updates to you through the summer.  This is just the first, more will follow with more details and information.

There will also be a regular U.S. Postal mailing in a week or so in which you will receive a hard copy of the calendar, Uniform Policy for K-8 (which you already received when registering), and information as to which classroom and teacher your child/children will have in 2017-18.

On behalf of our entire school family; parents, students, faculty, and staff a special THANK YOU for registering for School Year 2017-2018.  A very special WELCOME to those new to our school, and those who may have been in our Preschool but are now new to our K-8 program.  Our enrollment for 2017-18 will be about 20 more students than last year (40 more than two years ago). So if you hear anything about the shrinking enrollment of Catholic Schools, it is NOT happening here!

Grace Joseph