Last days of school for grades 1-7

TO: Parents of Kindergarten through Grade 7

FROM: Mr. Lacerenza

RE: End of year notes


Before leaving for the summer, every student will receive a Summer Packet to bring home.  The purpose is to help each student maintain those skills learned during 2016-2017 and be ready for the increasing challenges of 2017-2018.

Please look at the packet when received – don’t wait until August.  Then, based on your family’s schedule for the summer, help your child to organize a system where they can accomplish a small bit each day and/or week.  In that way, there will never be a time where the student is overloaded with work, never duration of time where nothing is done, and your child will be prepared for school year 2017-2018.

We realize that there are some special circumstances.  The work is designed for the average student.  If your child has a disability or some other circumstance which required accommodations during the regular school year, please adapt that to the work assigned.  The intention of the packet is not to produce undue stress – the intention is to maintain skills and lessen the stress of a new year at a new grade level.

Soon, the Supply Lists for every grade for next year will be available on our website, (if you have any difficulty downloading those lists, please contact the School Office).  We do this now so you can take advantage of sales and promotions during the summer.  Not everything your child will need for next year is included — just those items needed to start the year.

It will also be a good idea to check the website frequently.  This way you can keep up with any changes or developments over the summer.

Grace Joseph