Top 10 Ways to be Happy This Summer – Deacon John Hoffman

In Deacon John Hoffman’s recent homily, he promised us there would be no homework over the summer. But then he shared his Top 10 Ways to be Happy This Summer, and we think they are ALL worth putting into action!

  1. Laugh more than you usually do. Watch children, they can laugh at almost anything.
  2. Spend five more minutes at what you really enjoy. You won’t miss anything important.
  3. Pay attention to what you say to yourself. Stop telling yourself that you cannot be happy.
  4. Do something nice for someone just because. Risk that happy feeling you can get.
  5. Serve others, especially those in need. Can’t just the idea of someone eating today because you can do with less really touch your heart?
  6. Reach out to someone at St. Agnes, and let them know you and they are the same. Same Catholic, same Christian.
  7. Practice forgiveness often. Forgive yourself first, so then you can truly forgive even those who have hurt you the most.
  8. Give thanks often. Eucharist means giving thanks, so don’t be a stranger to Eucharist. Be thankful for the many blessings you have, even in those days when you can’t see the blessing clearly.
  9. Accept life as it is, and stop trying to make it how it should be, or could be. Pray with us that all Catholic Churches can flourish. You can be happy even when life isn’t perfect.
  10. Surrender yourself to God. This is the real challenge. God is the unconditional support and love that will get you through anything and everything life brings. 
Grace Joseph