"Boxtops for Education" is back!

I would like to thank our veteran families for their continued support of the Boxtops for Education program. Please continue to clip your boxtops because I will again be collecting them again in this year.      


For those of you new to our school and those of you who may have forgotten, the Boxtops for Education program sends us a check based on the number of boxtops we submit, so the more you collect and send – the better off we are. With this money, the HSA is able to provide many special things for our school.

So, please continue supporting Boxtops for Education. Thank you for your continued support of this valuable program.

You can send your boxtops to me by sending to the Office.  They will give to my daughter who will get them to me.


Elisa Rice


NOTE:  See the attached for more information.  However, although that information refers to a special promotion during September, you can collect and submit throughout the year. 

Grace Joseph