Bus Schedules and Dismissal Times

Those picking up students:

As we have put our new dismissal procedure in place, we have found that we are being a little too efficient (who would have thought!).  We had tried to set it up so that those being picked up would be leaving the doors by 2:45.  It's been closer to 2:40 these last couple of days.  But not to worry, if we are dismissing them early, we will remain with them until picked up.

Those on the buses:

We have had some discussions regarding the bus schedules - there was/is a discrepancy with the bus company that we are trying to work out.  Add this to the fact that our new process has been quickly and efficiently getting our students on buses and out of the parking lot earlier than we thought.  Thus, they arrive home earlier than anticipated which we know has caused some issues for those of you at home - or worse, for those of you trying to get home in time.  Therefore, bus parents, we ask you to be alert to the fact they may be arriving home earlier than expected.  Once we find out more, or get a more definitive schedule from the Bus Company or the Milford Public schools, we will let you know.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope as we move forward this will all straighten out.

Grace Joseph