Special drop off & pick up instructions for this week

As anyone driving to school can see, the set up for the carnival has begun!

The way the rides are set up is designed to always allow for access, especially in the event of an emergency, to the school. However, we need your help to maintain safety and an orderly traffic flow.

For grades kindergarten - 8:

The rides are set up so that the buses, and those driving students to school, can follow the usual path of driving along the front of the building from the usual direction, and exiting in the usual direction.

As a reminder, all cars should be entering in the morning on the far entrance next to the preschool and proceeding past the playground and up past the school entrance to the flag pole to allow students to exit the cars and into school. Having said this, we strongly encourage all families to drop off this way this week so that there is minimal parking and foot traffic in the parking lot during drop off.

Once morning drop off is complete, NO ONE SHOULD BE DRIVING TO THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL BUILDING - INCLUDING BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER DISMISSAL. This includes picking students up from after care or other after school activities (we of course will make allowance for a handicap or other health emergency).

Those picking up students in the afternoon should park either in the areas near the church or on the grass across from the preschool (where the Christmas Tree Sale takes place) and walk to the front of the school to pick up your student.

For preschool:

There will be limited spaces available in the regular parking lot, but you will be able to park in the grass area across from the preschool (where the Christmas Tree Sale takes place). However, DO NOT PARK ON THE CURB as this is a safety issue and can block the flow of traffic.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students safe!

Grace Joseph