Dress Down on Tuesday, February 13th

The 2017-2018 National Junior Honor Society of St. Mary School is sponsoring a Dress Down to support the American Heart Association.

This will be Tuesday February 13, 2018, so to coincide with Valentines Day being the next day.

We would be grateful if each child donated $2.00.  The AMH uses 80% of donations received to go directly to the fight against heart disease.

Because it is Heart Month, and because many will be celebrating Valentines day that day, we encourage at least one item of clothing to be red.

Simple Rule:  Your child must donate $2 that day in order to dress down.  If he/she does not, yet still dresses down, he/she will be denied this privilege the next time we have a Dress Down.

Also:  Your child's dress that day has to be in compliance with the policy for Dress Down as found in the Parent-Student Handbook; 2017-18.

NOTE:  If your child has Phys. Ed. on Tuesday, he/she may dress down, but he/she needs to wear sneakers and be dressed appropriate to having Phys. Ed. that day. Thank you in advance as we LIVE THE MESSAGE OF JESUS by helping more people to have a healthy heart!

Grace Joseph