Father Aidan Donahue and the St. Mary School Board

We are very fortunate here at St. Mary School in that we have a steady, ever growing enrollment.  The word is out that what we have here is special and valuable.  With growth like this, it is important to adjust our sails in order to keep positive momentum.  With that being said, we have exciting news to share.

The St. Mary School Board met for a special session on Wednesday, May 30th and unanimously voted a recommendation to Father Aidan Donahue that we immediately begin a search for an Assistant Principal to add to our staff.  Father Aidan accepted this recommendation and approved the creation of this position for next school year.  The Assistant Principal will collaborate with the Principal to help move the school forward in all areas, with special attention given to the upper grades.

Understanding that this position was not in the school budget, a decision was also made to not offer Spanish next year and use that savings to partially fund the position.  We will use next year to carefully evaluate our world language program and explore ways to best educate our students in that area.  

We want to thank our School Board for their commitment, hard work and responsible decision making made in the best interests of our students.  We also want to thank you, our school families, for trusting us to educate the mind, body and souls of your children.   May God bless you and the St. Mary School family.

Father Aidan Donahue and the St. Mary School Board

Grace Joseph