Introducing our New St. Mary Preschool Director

We are very happy to introduce Mrs. Karyn Rappi as our new Director of St. Mary Preschool.  As you may know, after 30 years of dedicated and faithful service, Mrs. Joan Calendrillo will be retiring next month.  While it would be impossible to replace Mrs. Calendrillo, we are blessed to welcome Mrs. Rappi who will continue to build on our exceptional preschool program, as well as bring new ideas, a fresh set of eyes and a wide open heart.  

Mrs. Rappi and Mrs. Calendrillo have had the opportunity to spend time together over the past couple months and Mrs. Calendrillo actually said "Karyn reminds me of ME when I began this journey."  The two hit it off immediately and this appointment has all of Joan's blessings.    

Mrs. Rappi taught early childhood classes for the past thirty years, the last ten of which she has led the PreK 3 and 4 program at another Archdiocesan school. She attended St. Joseph College for both her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Psychology as well as Master’s program in Early Childhood / Special Education.

A wife and mother of three, Mrs. Rappi enjoys spending time with her family, reading, theater, and yoga. She is also a member of her parish contemporary music ministry.  

“I love the preschool years because these children have such a sense of wonder and an innate joy that is infectious. I feel blessed and honored to follow in Mrs. Calendrillo’s footsteps as Preschool Director at St. Mary School.”
— Mrs. Rappi

Please join us in extending a warm St. Mary School welcome to Karyn Rappi!

Grace Joseph