It's time for the SMS Lyman Orchard Pie Fundraiser!!


Fall is here and that means it’s time to sell some yummy Lyman Orchard pies! Attached is your order form. The pies will arrive just in time for Thanksgiving!

This is a big fundraiser for our school! 100 families sold over 800 pies last year, raising over $5000 for our school! We have 200 families in our school, if we can get the families that haven’t sold pies in the past to sell JUST one pie, we can easily sell over 900 this year! Our profit increases with the number of pies we sell, and, as always, 50% of what you sell goes towards your fundraising assessment. It’s an easy way to get points, because who doesn’t love pie?!?

The sale will go from 9/30 to 10/14. All order forms MUST be back to the school by Monday 10/14!! We ask that you write out ONE CHECK per order form (checks made out to SMS HSA). Please have anyone that orders from you pay you directly, then you can write out one check and send it in with your order form. Please DO NOT send cash!!

Pies will be delivered on Thursday, November 21st. They are delivered frozen and will be picked up in the gym. More details on pie pick up will be sent out closer to delivery.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact Alyson Durand at (203) 479-2786 or

Looking forward to another successful fundraiser!

Grace Joseph