Outdoor Day

Dear Parents, 

The very first SMS outdoor day is almost here! A couple details to be aware of:

  • Students should wear gym clothes.
  • Please apply sunscreen before school (staff are not allowed to do this) and provide a hat (whatever you deem appropriate) for your child to wear for protection from the sun.
  • Apply bug repellent before school (staff are not allowed to do this) as we will be outdoors all day.
  • When children get home, please check for ticks, just as you would any other day spent outdoors.
  • We are asking each Room Parent to send in a laundry basket with their name marked on the bottom. If you cannot do so, please find a volunteer from your class who can. We need 2 per class.
  • Volunteers are still welcome. See you on Friday, June 1st.

Thank You,

Outdoor Day Committee

Grace Joseph