Pie Pick Up This Friday

Our Lyman Orchard pies will be delivered to the school this Friday, 11/17. We will be busy all morning separating and preparing all the orders for pick up starting at dismissal time. Order pick up will be available from dismissal at 12:45 till 5:30 PM, or whenever the last order is gone!  

NOTE:  To pick up your pies, please come to the Gym through the side entrance of the gym near the kitchen. 

A few things to keep in mind for this years delivery and pick up:

1) This year saw the most pies sold!  Plus, we have a new committee organizing this.  In addition, Friday is a half day, making it  more difficult for us to have the over 800 pies ordered ready in the few hours we have from delivery till dismissal.

-- So, if you are coming to pick up pies, we ask you to please be patient.

2) We DO NOT have the ability to store pies for anyone! There is not enough room in the school to store any pies not picked up. All pies MUST be picked up Fridayby 5:30!! 

Keep in mind, dismissal time is obviously the busiest time for pick ups, so please assume there will be a wait if you come at this time.  If you absolutely need to get your pies at pick up, be patient!  If you can possibly come later in the afternoon, that would be greatly appreciated!! 

Please call or email me if you have any questions at all!


Alyson Durand

Grace Joseph