School Safety

In light of the events that unfolded in Parkland, Florida and other places, we have had many questions about our school's safety and security.  Please know that we work diligently to keep our children safe, and are constantly improving our safety protocol.  While we have procedures for many kinds of situations, we cannot divulge specifics in a public email.

We can tell you that we have a staff safety committee in our school which works hand in hand with the Milford Police Department so that our staff is properly trained and our efforts are consistent with theirs.  This enables us, in the case of an emergency situation, as unlikely as it may be, to be on the same page working together in the best interest of our children.  The MPD oversee many of our drills and make valuable suggestions about how we can be even more prepared, and make our buildings even more safe.

Precious Blood Parish (formerly St. Mary Parish) also works closely with us and have funded many of our efforts and consider further safety improvements a priority for them.  Some initiatives we have implemented over the last couple years include but are not limited to:

  • Two way radios purchased for all staff in the main building and preschool (programmable with MPD if needed)
  • New door handled installed in all classrooms with the ability to lock from the inside of the room.
  • New electronic key pass system for exterior doors to control access to the school/parish buildings (compatible with what MPD carry so they have emergency access to buildings at any time).
  • Video surveillance of all the entrances to the building.  Additional surveillance was added to the hallways this year with plans to install more inside and outside the building.
  • Speakers added to the hallways and gym so that announcements can be heard anywhere - including staircases and lavatories.

Again, with the help of the MPD, we are continually evaluating what more we can do to improve our infrastructure and procedures.  Let me at this time remind you of the ways you can do your part in ensuring the safety of our children:

  • When entering the main building ALWAYS stop in the office first.
  • ALWAYS sign in (this includes all volunteers, parents, lunch workers, etc)
  • ALWAYS wear the new yellow visitor pass sticker and keep it on as long as you are in building or at recess.

Thank you for your support and cooperation, and for your trust in our school, our parish and the Milford Police Department.  May God continue to protect and shed his light on all of us, especially our children.

Mr. Frank Lacerenza


Grace Joseph