Uniform Requirement for Socks on Gym Days

There seems to be some question about the Uniform requirement for socks on the day your student hasPhys. Ed..

The policy in the Parent Handbook; 2017-18, under GYM UNIFORM, which you also received by hard copy at the time of Spring Registration and again by email during the summer, is very specific:

Solid white socks (no stripes or logos may be visible)

Some of the students have asked what is wrong with a tiny logo, or a stripe.  The problem would be "how big," or "how wide."  As you know, there would be many interpretations.  So, the easiest policy to explain and to enforce would be "no stripes or logos....."  In addition, the solid white socks are easier and less expensive to obtain.

We thank you for your cooperation and support in this and all policy matters.

Grace Joseph