Valentines day and Ash Wednesday


As you may realize, Valentines Day (Feb. 14th) falls on Ash Wednesday this year.

There are traditions associated with Valentines Day, especially for the younger the children.  However, Ash Wednesday for us Christians is a most solemn day -- a day on which we begin our Lenten journey of remembering what Jesus did for us and what he taught us when he accepted the agony of crucifixion and death.  On such a day, how could we who proclaim that we "Live the message of Jesus" enjoy candy, cupcakes and parties?

Therefore, we will still have a day on which we can do our Valentine activities.  However, that will be on Tuesday, Feb. 13th (see note below for what to wear that day).

In this way we keep Ash Wednesday, February 14th, low key, reverent and consistent with our Catholic Mission by attending Mass, receiving the symbol of the ashes, and discussing in age and grade appropriate ways what Lent should mean to us.

I will be announcing this to the students and will remind them, as will their teachers. 

NOTE:  The National Junior Honor Society will sponsor a special Dress for Charities on Tuesday, Feb. 13th, on which day students can dress down (following the school's Dress Down rules), but with at least one item being red.  For this privilege, a $2 donation will be requested which the NJHS will donate to the American Heart Association which does so much good for so many people.  You will get more information on this before next Tuesday. 

Thank you,

Mr. Lacerenza

Grace Joseph