How can you see these grades?

Parents who have children in grades 4-8 will be given a user name & password (per family not student), and website where grades can be found. Families will continue to use these credentials each year.  Feel free to access the website by using button on this page.  If you are new to grades 4-8, you will receive this information during the first trimester. THIS WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO YOUR CHILD – THE LOGIN INFO IS FOR PARENTS ONLY.  The ability to check your child’s grades is for parents – not the students. Please do not provide this to your child – it is for you as the parent/guardian.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Teachers cannot always put up the latest grades instantly – it does take a while to correct student work, especially with the more extensive reports and papers done by the older students.

  • While teachers will try to log in grades as soon as possible, it may take up to one week. Should there be a delay; the teacher will communicate this by email.

  • Different assessments (assignments, reports, quizzes, tests, etc.) are weighted differently by different teachers depending on the curriculum, the subject area, teaching style, etc.. Therefore, doing a mathematical average of the grades you see does not necessarily indicate their average or the final grade your child will receive.

  • When viewing the grades online, you may see an “Average.” However, that “Average” may not be a true reflection of your child’s progress. Sometimes, the difference in weighing grades is not figured in till the end of the marking period. Also, the idea of an “average,” is really only valid once grades close at the end of a marking period.

  • The main goal of this availability is for you, as parents, to have a more up to date idea of how your children are doing and if they are doing the assignments. It eliminates the need for notes, phone calls or weekly updates. It eliminates the need to depend on your child to bring home papers or to let you know how well he/she did or did not do. It also eliminates the need to wait for a Progress Report to know what is going on. It provides a way for you, at home, to stay on top of what your child is doing.

You may, of course, still communicate any questions or concerns to the teacher. Teachers, likewise, will communicate directly if the need arises. But at least with this system, a parent no longer has to wait and wonder.

To be sure you have the user name and password, be sure to pick up your On Line Grades envelope at your Report Card Conference.