Board Members for School Year 2018-2019

Jeff Seigman
Board Chairman

Kevin Kosek
Budget/Finance Chairman

Robert Baird
Strategic Planning Chairman

Margaret Hrabchak

Chris Wolfe

Pam Ganim

Angela Bassano

Elizabeth Keefe

Mike Turiano
Recording Secretary


Mr. Seigman

Mr. Lacerenza

The board is a structure that provides for the sharing of responsibility for the educational mission of the Church, in particular, the Catholic educational mission of Precious Blood Parish.  The Board is consultative in nature and advisory to the Pastor and Principal. It follows a Committee Driven format, working with the administration to oversee the financial and business management of the school, to evaluate its short and long term needs, and to develop the strategic plans necessary to ensure the continued excellence of the school. Although it is the administration which, along with the staff, formulates the rules and procedures of running the school, it is the board which advises and assists in the development of the policies which serve as guides to those rules and procedures.

Members and officers of the Board are appointed by the Pastor from members of the Parish and/or parents of the school.  The Parish School Board usually meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the Parish Hall. Parents and Parishioners are welcome to come. As per the by-laws of the School Board, only board members may speak during the meetings. However, there is a time for non-members to speak, but only if they have requested time by contacting the Chairperson in advance of the meeting.

The important work of the Parish School Board is conducted mainly by its committees. Non-members (including parents, parishioners, staff and others) are able and encouraged to be part of any of these committees. To volunteer to do so, please contact either the Chairman, Jeff Seigman or the Principal, Mr. Lacerenza who will then refer your name to the appropriate committee chair.


This committee works with the Pastor and Principal to formulate an annual budget, analyze monthly income and expense reports, make recommendations to the administration, and report such information to the Board.


This committee organizes and oversees such things as alumni relations, the Annual Fund, special gifts, endowments, marketing, public relations, etc.

Strategic Planning

Following the Archdiocesan plan for long and short term strategic planning in the Catholic Elementary Schools, this committee researches where we have been, where we are, and where we, as a parish and school community, want to be in the short and long term future.

Plant and facilities

This committee aids in the planning and maintaining of the overall school plant and facilities and coordinates long term maintenance and repair with the Parish.

NOTE: Our Parish School Board, as with any board of any Parish School in the Archdiocese, is consultative. As per Archdiocesan policy It does not and cannot become involved with any issue dealing with students or personnel.