After a quarter of a century, our founding principles remain the same to provide the best possible learning environment for young children. Please take a moment to review our program and curriculum goals and see if you don’t agree that St Mary Preschool is a great place to be.

preschool 1st day.JPG
  • Provide an opportunity to learn and know God’s love

  • Provide an atmosphere in which to integrate the Christian values of love, justice and respect

  • Provide opportunities to discover our world and the special role God has in it

  • Provide a safe, loving environment for the children

  • Help children express their feelings and needs

  • Help children create and discover in a warm, supportive environment

  • Give each child a sense of uniqueness and self worth

  • Help children to respect each other’s rights and to develop group feelings

  • Provide healthy outdoor play and activities

  • Provide space and equipment to develop gross and fine motor skills

  • Provide an atmosphere where self-confidence and self-understanding are encouraged

  • Build a tie between the home and the preschool

  • Encourage independence and give basic experiences for future learning

  • Provide stimulating experiences that encourage the children to think analyze problems, and arrive at different possible solutions

  • Help the children develop their whole personality through:

    • First hand experiences in social relationships

    • Physical development of large and small muscles

    • Finding an acceptable outlets for their emotions

  • Develop a sense of responsibility

  • Encourage expression through materials, movement and language

  • Stimulate language development through materials, activities, games and the use of readiness skills

  • Provide experiences with other children of the same age

  • Meet the children’s needs as individuals and as a group

  • Encourage the children to develop a positive attitude toward teachers, school and learning

  • Provide opportunities to discover, explore, be challenged and problem solve through direct experiences

The school year is now well underway in preschool. Our little ones have learned the rules and routines. They have discovered new things about themselves, their friends and families, as friends of Jesus. They have explored the wonder of the changing seasons. What joy they show when finding a colorful leaf or tiny acorn on our playground!

 There was much excitement in the air when Pre – K 4 had a visit from some real firefighters from the city of Milford. The children had just learned all about fire prevention. Firefighter Ramos talked to them about safety and donned his gear. He proved that firefighters are not scary, but rather, are friendly helpers. Students and teachers alike were thrilled to watch him climb the tall ladder!

Please contact us with questions, comments or to schedule a visit.

Mrs. Rappi
St. Mary Preschool Director