After a quarter of a century, our founding principles remain the same to provide the best possible learning environment for young children. Please take a moment to review our program and curriculum goals and see if you don’t agree that St Mary Preschool is a great place to be.

preschool 1st day.JPG
  • Provide an opportunity to learn and know God’s love
  • Provide an atmosphere in which to integrate the Christian values of love, justice and respect
  • Provide opportunities to discover our world and the special role God has in it
  • Provide a safe, loving environment for the children
  • Help children express their feelings and needs
  • Help children create and discover in a warm, supportive environment
  • Give each child a sense of uniqueness and self worth
  • Help children to respect each other’s rights and to develop group feelings
  • Provide healthy outdoor play and activities
  • Provide space and equipment to develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Provide an atmosphere where self-confidence and self-understanding are encouraged
  • Build a tie between the home and the preschool
  • Encourage independence and give basic experiences for future learning
  • Provide stimulating experiences that encourage the children to think analyze problems, and arrive at different possible solutions
  • Help the children develop their whole personality through:
    • First hand experiences in social relationships
    • Physical development of large and small muscles
    • Finding an acceptable outlets for their emotions
  • Develop a sense of responsibility
  • Encourage expression through materials, movement and language
  • Stimulate language development through materials, activities, games and the use of readiness skills
  • Provide experiences with other children of the same age
  • Meet the children’s needs as individuals and as a group
  • Encourage the children to develop a positive attitude toward teachers, school and learning
  • Provide opportunities to discover, explore, be challenged and problem solve through direct experiences

Please contact us with questions, comments or to schedule a visit.

Mrs. Rappi
St. Mary Preschool Director