What makes it so special to us?

We can't say enough about how much we love St Mary School.  The first time we walked through the halls for a tour it had a very nostalgic feeling, it took my husband back to his childhood for a brief moment - it was an unforgettable feeling.  What makes it so special to us?  It’s a community and a caring learning environment.  It’s a place where likeminded parents have similar objectives when it comes to their child’s education. We feel comfortable leaving our children at St Mary’s knowing that they are in a safe place while they learn. The teachers care, other parents care and people are treated with respect.  Aside from the exceptional education, your children are taught respect and core values of the world that seem to have been lost in today’s society.  Why would you pay tuition when other schools are free?  Investing in your children’s future at a young age is priceless.  Regardless of your religious affiliation, your children will not learn the same core values instilled upon them at St Mary’s in a public school environment.  What are my favorite things about St Mary School?  Aside from our children, my husband and I have made some great friends.  There are many activities that allow you to enjoy being with your children and watch them interact. The volunteering is endless.  We love being a part of the St. Mary School family!   

Grace Joseph