...can’t say enough nice things about it.

As a mother of four, with three currently enrolled at SMS, I’ve been extremely happy with our children’s transition into the SMS community.  Our children have been making friends and have been enjoying the school year thus far.  As parents, my husband and I have been impressed with the school’s teachers and staff and their attention to detail.  We really appreciate the extra effort all of the teachers put into their work.  We would recommend SMS to anyone, and can’t say enough nice things about it.

Grace Joseph
Providing A Solid Foundation

As a parent of a St. Mary graduate, I recall visiting high schools and the enthusiasm with which SMS students are received. Specifically one admission director stated ‘you always know a St. Mary boy.’ He went on to say that St. Mary students consistently rank as the highest entrants as Freshman, transitioning well prepared for the challenging curriculum and graduate at the top of their class as Seniors.

St. Mary provides a solid foundation for high school that has been invaluable for my son.

Grace Joseph
Family Atmosphere

My favorite thing about Saint Mary School is: The family atmosphere. From the beginning, I have felt like my son was “known” —even teachers that he hasn’t had yet know him by name. I know he’s not just a face in the crowd at St. Mary’s. I love that.

I also like that there is frequent interaction between the grades. In schools that don’t have the range of K – 8, you don’t have those opportunities for the older children to share with younger children, and vice versa. I’m glad that St. Mary’s optimizes having collaboration between the grades.

Grace Joseph
First Holy Communion

My granddaughter made her First Holy Communion this past Saturday at St. Mary’s. I can’t adequately express in words the beauty, reverence, piety and joy that was displayed by all the children at their First Holy Communion Mass. It is a tribute to the Pastor, Teachers and Staff at St. Mary’s who have instilled in the children a love for Jesus and the Sacrament they were about to receive.

I am proud to see the results of the Catholic education all the children receive at St. Mary’s.

- Grateful Grandparents in New Jersey

Grace Joseph
Catholic Education

Personally, my favorite thing about Saint Mary School is when Nicholas first started Pre-K they sang “God Bless America”.

It was so cute and I was taken aback by it because I didn’t think they sang it in public schools anymore! Since it is a catholic school, parents choose to send their kids and it seems that all parents that I’ve met have the same goals/family values for their children. It seems like there is something special every year that makes me want to stay, it might be the preschool Mary & Joseph story, the Kindergarten Celebration or the ultra special Communion. We are looking forward to our 3 children graduating from Saint Mary School.

Grace Joseph
An Excellent Balance

My favorite thing about Saint Mary School is the excellent balance between academics, spiritual development and social growth. children are participating in a holistic education that allows them the room to grow in God’s love so they can achieve their personal best.

Saint Mary School lives its mission every single day. Each child walks away understanding that they belong to a world that stretches beyond them and that they have the tools to make it a better place through their religious, academic and community pursuits.

The SMS community is supportive, welcoming and a lot of fun to be a part of. The kids are bright, talented and love their school, which makes each day a great one. The Faculty is outstanding and motivates the class to strive for excellence and in the upper school there is tremendous support for young teens beginning their preparations for high school.

Grace Joseph