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— Basil Moreau

TUITION 2019 - 2020

One Child $6,718 $6,210
Two Children $12,280 $11,232
Three Children or More $17,498 $16,224

Parishioners of Precious Blood Parish (St. Mary Church & St. Agnes Church) and other Catholic parishes please note, your ability to take advantage of the parishioner grant is contingent on your parish recognizing you as an active member of that parish. Be sure that you are attending Mass and using your parish envelope system weekly.

Should your listed parish not acknowledge your family as contributing parishioners, you will be responsible for the non-parishioner rate.


NOTE: There is a $100 non-refundable deposit due for each child upon registration.


A 3% discount if paid in full by July first.


All families not using the one payment option must register with the SMART tuition program. The program gives several options including paying with automatic withdrawals and paying SMART through your credit card.


If a family needs to request a payment arrangement other than the plans listed:

  • The family needs to submit, in writing, a proposal for payment arrangement which includes an explanation of the reasons. The proposal must be approved by the Principal.

  • If the proposed arrangement requires payments to extend beyond the school year:

    • The proposal will be presented to and must be approved by the budget/finance committee and the Pastor.

    • All families must agree to sign a legally constituted promissory note delineating the arrangement.

No current student will be re-registered until and unless tuition and other money owed to the school has been paid. The school does recognize that there may be legitimate financial or other reason prohibiting this.  The Pastor would have to approve any such exemptions.

NOTE: In all cases, financial information and special arrangements will be kept confidential by the Pastor, Principal and Budget/Finance Committee.


Each year, St. Mary School provides tuition assistance for families with need to help such families remain in our school. Some of these funds come from the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, some from parishes with no schools, some from Parish funds and some from private memorials and other contributions from those wanting to assist families with need.  Typical aid ranges from $500-$1000 per family.

St. Mary School utilizes the services of an independent company, SMART Tuition Aide, allowing registered families to apply online in a confidential and secure manner.  Families wishing to apply for tuition assistance need to follow the directions on the application which can be obtained from the School Office at the time of final registration in May. 

Parents should always feel welcome to discuss tuition issues confidentially with the Principal or Pastor.

For more information, please contact the school.