Saint Mary School
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Growing in Faith & Knowledge Since 1961

The purpose of Saint Mary School is to educate the whole child through programs encompassing the development of the students. This will enable students to become contributing members of the school, parish, and community.

St. Mary School recognizes the individuality of each student and strives to develop a well-rounded Christian personality. This will be reflected in a wholesome attitude and a respect for self and others as exemplified by Jesus in the gospel.

As a staff, we believe that a gospel-rooted educational environment where students experience Christian community service, students will be encouraged to integrate faith and Christian values into their daily lives and thus be provided with a healthy attitude which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

To that end, we strive to work in cooperation with parents to develop a climate of catholic educational excellence and a curriculum that is relevant to daily life.

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From the Principal's Desk...

The school year may be over, but the school is still an active place. The parish and school custodial staff are doing the cleaning and taking care of any moving of furniture from one room to another. The Office staff is taking care of the transitioning of records, ordering of books and supplies, and making sure the records of graduates go to the correct schools while receiving the records of the more than 10 new students we have entering our school.

A reminder to our current parents: be sure all forms and materials have been submitted and payments made in order to be considered officially enrolled for school year 2019-2020. This is important, because eventually the email communication, to which we are all accustomed, will only be sent to those officially registered.

If you are not now a part of our school, but want to become part of this vibrant quality Catholic educational institution, now is the time to email or call us — don’t delay. The Office is open every day during the summer from 9 to 12:00.

A special prayer for all our students; those returning and those who are not; that they don’t forget that during the summer, and throughout your future, always:




Live the Message of Jesus!