Saint Mary School
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Growing in Faith & Knowledge Since 1961

The purpose of Saint Mary School is to educate the whole child through programs encompassing the development of the students. This will enable students to become contributing members of the school, parish, and community.

St. Mary School recognizes the individuality of each student and strives to develop a well-rounded Christian personality. This will be reflected in a wholesome attitude and a respect for self and others as exemplified by Jesus in the gospel.

As a staff, we believe that a gospel-rooted educational environment where students experience Christian community service, students will be encouraged to integrate faith and Christian values into their daily lives and thus be provided with a healthy attitude which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

To that end, we strive to work in cooperation with parents to develop a climate of catholic educational excellence and a curriculum that is relevant to daily life.

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From the Principal's Desk...


     During this month, we celebrate our Blessed Mother, for whom our school is named.  On Wednesday, May 9th, at 1:00 in the Church, the children of St. Mary School honored her, the Mother of Jesus, with a special ceremony, the Crowning of the statue of our Blessed Mother.  This tradition, which dates back to ancient times, has been part of what we do in our school during this special month for many years.

    During this month we also celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, when we commemorate the Apostles receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, and when we thank God that the Holy Spirit is still freely given to each of us so that we can, as our Mission states: LIVE THE MESSAGE OF JESUS.

     We also celebrated GRANDPARENTS DAY this month, joined with our annual SMS Sprint.  What a great day it was. Walking or running around the school, joining with grandparents or other special people, having a snack, or in the case of grades seven and eight -- lunch, with these people so important to our parents and us.  A special THANK YOU to all the parents and others who worked so hard to make this day special, fun and meaningful.



Live the Message of Jesus!
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